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4000 PSI Under Car Pressure Washer

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Introducing our multifunctional Under Car Pressure Washer, ideal for a variety of cleaning applications! This strong equipment is ideal for power washing driveways, cleaning concrete surfaces, and maintaining your deck, in addition to thoroughly washing your car's chassis.



Multi-Purpose Cleaning: This Under automobile Pressure Washer is suitable for cleaning more than just your automobile. It's a terrific solution for power washing driveways, resulting in a clean finish free of dirt and grime. Say goodbye to stubborn stains in your driveway!



Concrete Cleaning Power: Looking to revitalise your concrete surfaces? Our pressure washer is up to the challenge! Experience effective cleaning that easily removes accumulated debris, moss and stains from your patio, sidewalk or any other concrete surface.

Deck-Friendly Pressure Washing: Maintain the beauty of your deck with ease. This pressure washer is designed to clean deck surfaces without causing harm. Say goodbye to accumulated filth and enjoy a cleaner deck space.

Easy to Use for All Applications: This pressure washer's user-friendly design and versatile interface allow it to easily adapt to a variety of cleaning demands. The 65° fan shape and four nozzles deliver powerful water pressure for a complete and efficient clean, making it an ideal choice for all your cleaning projects.

Setting up for various tasks:

  1. Power Wash Driveway: Connect the straight wand to the undercarriage cleaner to easily remove driveway stains.
  2. Power Washing Concrete: Connect the angled wand to the straight wand for efficient concrete washing that leaves surfaces looking brand new.
  3. Pressure Washer for Deck: Attach the long trigger gun to the angled wand for a delicate yet thorough washing of your deck surfaces.

Package Includes:

13" Undercar Cleaner
13.5" Straight Extension Wand
14.5" 45-degree curved wand.