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Anti Barking Device Bark Control Device -Stop Your Neighbors Dog from Barking

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Anti Barking Device, Upgraded Mini Bark Control Device with 4 Adjustable Sensitivity and Frequency Levels, Simple to Use Automatic Ultrasonic Dog Barking Control Devices for Almost Dogs




NEW UPDATED The barking control device efficiently trains your dog to quit excessive and noisy barking by emitting ultrasonic waves that it can hear. The built-in pickup monitor detects the dog's barking. The ultrasonic barking control device stops emitting ultrasonic waves when the dog stops barking.

EXCELLENT TEXTURE The dog bark control shell is resistant to UV rays and won't quickly fade. To stop dogs from barking, it's easy to place this gadget on trees, indoor and outdoor walls, or fences (an ultrasonic anti-bark device can automatically detect bark within 50 feet). Moreover, the IP4 waterproof rating of the shell enables it to withstand exterior splashes with effectiveness. It is advisable to return it in the event of rain, since this preserves and prolongs the life of the equipment.

SILENT AND SAFE POLLUTION The tiny bark control uses ultrasonic technology, which is inaudible to people but has no effect on them. The dog will detect the sound when it starts, so other family members or neighbours won't be alarmed. There are no notable side effects from the ultrasonography for the dog.



VERSATILE APPLICATIONS The four frequencies available for the ultrasonic anti-barking device are as follows. Each dog can choose the proper frequency (15 KHz–30 KHz), therefore please try a new frequency if the dog is not sensitive to this after using it for a while. The canine gadget is suitable for dogs 6 months to 8 years old, with the exception of special large dogs, pups under 6 months old, and dogs with hearing problems.

SENSITIVITY MODIFICATION There are four sensitivities available for the ultrasonic barking control devices. It is possible to choose the induction distance, establish the sensitivity, and configure the optimum equipment based on the environment's needs. 

Charging: Exclusively by USB.

3 hours of charging and 30 days of operation (on standby).You must charge the battery when it is low since the battery will discharge more quickly with greater sensitivity and frequency settings. If needed, you can turn it off.

The device's digital display will blink until it is fully charged, indicating the device's power status. Upon reaching full charge, the product's digital display will display a??



ON-OFF: To activate the gadget, depress the "POWER?" button for three seconds. A beep will sound, and a green number will flash on the digital display before the number vanishes.

Press the "POWER?" button down for three seconds to turn the device off. It will beep twice before shutting off on its own.

Frequency Settings: By continuously pressing the Sensitivity button, you can select to change the sensitivity from 1 to 4. Trigger the ultrasonic start in accordance with the distance and barking volume of the dog you have acquired.

  • Ultrasonic Frequency Level 1: 15 KHz, digital display 1 with 6 seconds
  • Ultrasonic Frequency Level 2: 20 KHz, digital display 2 with 6 seconds
  • 30 KHz level 3 ultrasonic frequency, 3 with 6s digital display
  • 15 kHz to 30 kHz is the Level 4 Ultrasonic Frequency; it will produce 1-3 level 3 ultrasonic frequency sounds every 6 seconds, with a digital display of 4


  • Product Name: Bark Control Unit; Power Source: USB 40mAh of input current at 3.7V of voltage
  • 1500mAh 3.7V battery
  • Water-resistant IP Classification: IP4
  • Ultrasonic Sensor: Sound Detection Sensor Range: Up to 25 feet Period: 15 kHz – 30 kHz

Package Includes:

  • 1 * USB charging cable; 1 * anti-barking device
  • One user manual; two mounting screws and anchors



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