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Automatic injector Medical Device to get an injection yourself

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Reusable, non-sterile instrument for intramuscular and subcutaneous injections at home and in medical facilities. Allows you to perform injections autonomously without the need for any special professional abilities. Reduces pain and discomfort. Ensures proper injection.

The autoinjector is intended to greatly reduce injection pain and make the procedure more comfortable for both adults and children.

Manufacturers have made the device so simple and convenient that you can use it without involving third parties.

This Automatic Injector has a Roszdravnadzor registration certificate bearing the number RZN 2021/13631.

The gadget is reusable for intramuscular and subcutaneous injections at home and in medical facilities.

The device is a tiny, ergonomically designed polymer case with a cover.

Inside the casing, there are spring mechanisms that enable automated injections.

The injection mechanisms are activated by a trigger button located on the body's side.

A safety button is located on the product's body in the end part, near to the hole for the needle's exit. If the release button is unintentionally pressed, the gadget will not operate.

There are replaceable cartridges for syringes with volumes of 3 ml and 5 ml that can be installed in the injector body.

The syringe cartridge is attached to the cartridge holder, which is placed within the device body.

A cap remover is included to remove the cap from the syringe needle.

Operating Principle:

An automatic injector's operation is dependent on the action of spring mechanisms that ensure the syringe reciprocates.

Pressing the release button activates spring mechanisms. A single press of the release button replaces multiple consecutive activities required during a typical injection:

  1. Insert the needle.
  2. Move the piston to administer the drug.
  3. Remove the needle.

Functional Characteristics:

The automatic medical injector allows you to inject yourself or your loved ones without the need for outside assistance, thereby addressing the issue of medical facilities' remoteness.

The device enables you to lessen your emotional and physical reactions to injection procedures.

The device soothes the patient's nervous strain during the injection and allows you to handle on your own without outside assistance when the attending physician prescribes injectable medications and there is no professional medical care available.

The needle enters the injection site at a 90-degree angle and travels to the desired depth fast and painlessly.