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Military Starscope Monocular

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Top Monocular for Camping and Hunting

You won't find a more reliable, practical, and efficient survival equipment than this remarkably small and light monocular. This is one of the most effective and compact survivalist tools we have in our online survival store, thanks to its amazing magnification, sturdy yet small design, and waterproof exterior. You can be sure that this survivalist gear will last you for many years because of its fantastic accessories, which include a lens cleaning cloth and a very sturdy case with strap.  




  • 42mm is the objective lens diameter.
  • Magnification power: 40x60 HD glass; diameter of the eye lens: 17 mmLens
  • Coating: Multiple Coatings (FMC)
  • BAK4 Ridge System prism system; product dimensions: 145 x 52 x 45 mm
  • Viewing Angle: 114/1100m
  • Net weight: 280 grammes
  • Advanced polymers are the material.



Aspherical components and precise CNC/CAD manufacturing provide excellent quality and razor-sharp optics! Excellent, lightweight, and convenient to carry. For taking pictures with a smartphone, use a clip lens. The most sophisticated little telescope for images that are sharp and clear.

  • Transparent, clear, and bright lens: BAK4 Prism
  • Wrist: Easily carried, non-slip design 
  • Pocket design: Hands-free use
  • Focus: a distinct, well-defined picture


With the help of the best engineering, the Monocular enhances your encounter with wildlife and the natural world by enabling you to see for miles with accuracy and depth. Savour it when going on adventures, trekking, or camping. The ideal luggage Nothing more is required of you!




With the Monocular, outdoor viewing will be enhanced to a whole new level. This gadget will produce a virtual experience that will entice you to return for more, whether you're hunting or camping. Without a Monocular, you are unable to fully enjoy what nature has to offer. Watch athletic activities on it. Join your favourite athletes in the game and turn their victory into your own!
The Starscope Monocular is lightweight, tiny, and portable. It is portable, so you won't have to worry about it being heavy like other telescopic equipment.

It's the ideal outdoor companion thanks to its fog-proof and waterproof technologies. You won't need to handle it like a delicate piece of equipment because it is resistant to scratches.




Will my smartphone be able to use it? Indeed, it is compatible with nearly all Android and Apple iPhone models. In just a few seconds, attach it to your camera and begin shooting pictures. So simple!

Is a phone necessary to operate the Monocular? Indeed, the monocular is a telescopic monocular with complete functionality. It allows you to view objects up to fifty miles away just holding it up to your eye!

What materials makes up the Monocular? Are these high-quality lenses? The Monocular is constructed from genuine, premium optical GLASS. Like the priciest camera lenses, they are multicoated to provide incredibly clear images. They are the highest calibre that is producible.

A BAK4 prism: what is it? BaritleichKron, or "Barium Crown" in German, is what BaK stands for. It's found in expensive binoculars. We used this method to construct the Monocular because it is the best and most desirable approach to construct a monocular or binocular prism.

Is the Monocular robust? Yes, it has a non-skid protective covering and is incredibly drop resistant. Even in the most severe circumstances, you can use it securely!




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