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Pelvic Floor Exerciser

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Having problems with bladder leaks?

Pelvic Floor Exerciser is a non-invasive bladder leak treatment that can reverse the harmful symptoms of prolapse in as little as three weeks while addressing the underlying source of bladder leaks.



Gain confidence again by strengthening your pelvic floor.

  • Boosts the Muscles in Your Pelvic Floor Bladder leaks and prolapses are mostly caused by a weak pelvic floor. There won't be any more leaks when you squeeze your bladder.
  • Prevents Prolapse: Reduces the possibility that a prolapse would progress to stage 4, which could require invasive surgery!
  • Aid Prolapse: Pelvic Floor Exerciser can assist in reversing the detrimental effects of an existing prolapsed bladder.
  • Steer clear of fungus infections from incontinence pads. These are band-aid fixes that don't address the underlying issue and can get quite expensive over time.
  • Ends bladder leaks permanently: By employing resistance training to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, you may address the underlying cause of those uncontrollable leaks.

Better Late than Never

Your core strength, intimate feeling, and bladder control are all greatly influenced by your pelvic floor muscles. These muscles only become weaker with age, particularly after giving birth, which can lead to issues including prolapse, bladder leaks, and a heaviness in the crotch area. If nothing is done about these issues, they will simply become worse.

While incontinence pads and diapers are excellent temporary fixes, they just cover up the issue; as a result, your condition will continue to deteriorate behind the pads over time. Not to mention how much using disposable pads can end up costing in the long run.

When you're out and about, you could be preoccupied with finding the closest loo or conscious of others smelling your incontinence pads. We are aware of the frustrations associated with having a weak bladder.

You shouldn't spent your life preventing yourself from sneezing, coughing, or laughing because you don't want to put strain on your bladder and induce leaks.

So, why do you hesitate? You still have time and hope to live a leak-free life and rebuild your confidence.

Actual Outcomes, Actual People

Join our leak-free customers today and stop allowing bladder leaks rule your life! More reviews can be found at the bottom of the page.



Revolutionary Findings

There are other incontinence products on the market, but they are either incredibly costly, intrusive, or ineffective. It's likely that you've attempted Kegel exercises but were unsuccessful.

That half of women perform Kegel exercises incorrectly, did you know that? This is mostly because they either require greater resistance to be provided to their pelvic floor in order to provide adequate muscle stimulus for the muscle to grow, or they are unable to contract their pelvic floor muscles adequately on their own.

Like every other muscle in your body, the pelvic floor need resistance to grow.

Following years of prototypes, we finally came upon the revolutionary v-shaped design that makes it simple to train your pelvic floor muscles externally with suitable resistance. You can put the exerciser directly below your bottom.



The distinctive structure beneath your buttocks enables you to engage your pelvic floor muscles in a manner similar to that of Kegel exercises, but with a physical aid to ensure proper execution.

A resistance controller is included into the v-shaped design of the trainer, allowing you to adjust the resistance to suit your level of pelvic floor muscle strength. This enables you to match your pelvic floor muscles with the ideal resistance.



The only product on the market that effectively trains your pelvic floor muscles externally and with suitable resistance is Pelvic Floor Exerciser. This product isn't sold in stores; it can only be bought online!

Am I a Good Fit for Pelvic Floor Exerciser?

Integrity and honesty are the cornerstones of our corporate ideals. That being stated, kindly refrain from buying our goods if any of the following describe you.

-This device is not for you if you are under 40 kg or have a small frame since it will be difficult for you to maintain the trainer between your legs.

-This product is not for you if you also have weak hips from a medical condition, such as a hysterectomy, and you don't think you'll have the strength to complete the workout.

-We advise speaking with a healthcare provider before buying Pelvic Floor Exerciser if you are experiencing pelvic or back pain, as they are most equipped to provide you with personalized guidance.

Frequently Asked Questions:

When it appears that just your posterior muscles are being worked, how does Pelvic Floor Exerciser strain the Pelvic Floor?

Many women find that because the Pelvic Floor is an internal muscle, they are unable to see it when performing Kegel exercises. You are contracting your Pelvic Floor Muscles in addition to your bottom when you use Pelvic Floor Exerciser. Pelvic Floor Exerciser merely streamlines, simplifies, and—most importantly—effectively increases the process.

I had assumed that using anything was unnecessary for my Pelvic Floor Exercises.

Of the two ladies that perform Kegels, one performs it improperly. This is a result of their inability to correctly contract their pelvic floor muscles on their own. For people who can't perform Kegels on their own, there are Pelvic Floor Exerciser.



I've had a prolapse already. Do I still have access to the Pelvic Floor Exerciser?

Yes, those who already have a prolapse and want to get better can continue use the trainer.

Does the product work for men?

Yes, guys are also able to use this product.

Does the purchase arrive in covert packaging?

Yes, all orders are packaged discretely.

What happens if I don't always utilise Pelvic Floor Exerciser or if I forget to use it?

If you have prolapse or leaks on a regular basis, it will serve as a continual reminder to take action.

Do these problems stem from a weak Pelvic Floor in me?

Always confirm beforehand with an expert that your problems are related to a weak pelvic floor. Selecting the appropriate assistance gadget will be made easier with a diagnosis.

How to apply

Note: An instruction manual is included in the box with every order.

Pelvic Floor Exerciser's effectiveness stems on their heftiness, which may make it challenging for some users to use it correctly. It can take a few tries to catch the feel of the movement, but after you do, it should only take three or four times to become second nature.

When utilising the Pelvic Floor Exerciser while standing, most women report seeing results. In order to give the exerciser greater traction to stay in place, we advise wearing it with shorts so that it comes into touch with your skin.

Maintaining Practice

  • The trainer should be positioned between your thighs, 3–6 cm below your butt.
  • The muscles of the Pelvic Floor initiate the contraction, then the glutes.
  • Hold for a brief moment before letting go.



Practice Kneeling

  • Place the trainer so that the wings are directed at your heels while your knees are bent and your feet are open.
  • The muscles of the Pelvic Floor should contract first, then the glutes.
  • Hold for a brief moment before letting go.



Bending Exercise

  • While performing a plank, insert the trainer into your hip, maintaining your body parallel to the ground.
  • Raise your abdomen and tilt your pelvis backwards. Squeeze using your pelvic floor and then release.




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