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Portable Electric Concrete Cement Mixer Barrow Machine

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Do you have a project coming up that will necessitate the use of a dependable concrete mixer to mix cement, water, or other components evenly? The cement mixer's 550-watt motor quickly mixes all of the components together, saving your labor time in half.

Even when fully loaded, the electric cement mixer has a robust base that prevents it from tipping over. Furthermore, the electric concrete mixer features a flexible barrel that allows you to easily reach the contents at all times.

The portable cement mixer, which comes with two wheels, is exceptionally easy to move throughout the workplace. This portable concrete mixer also has an ergonomic grip that makes it simple to move the entire apparatus around.

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Even better, the concrete mixer is constructed of heavy-duty stainless steel that will not rust over time. With the help of our heavy-duty cement mixer, you can complete construction tasks in a short amount of time.


VERSATILE: The electric cement mixer can handle it all, whether you're building roads or buildings! The electric concrete mixer is not only beneficial for mixing batter but it can also be used to easily break down stubborn substances.

LARGE CAPACITY: Our portable cement mixer is built to mix cement for a variety of jobs. In reality, the cement in the portable concrete mixer is enough to fill 1.6 cubic feet of area.

MESS-FREE: Unlike typical mixers, the concrete mixer allows you to dump cement once it has properly integrated the materials. Its big barrel also prevents the cement from flying away and causing damage to the environment.


Motor: 550-Watt
Voltage: 110V, 60Hz
Switch: On / Off Sealed
Material: Steel
Drum Size: 4.6 Cubic Feet
Mixing Capacity: 4.6 cu.ft / 130 L
Drum Mouth: 385mm / 15"
Drum Rotation: 25 RPM
Overall Dimensions:
Assembly Required: Yes


1x Cement Mixer