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Clearance Sale Now On | Save up To 60%

Pure Copper Magnetic Therapy Bracelet Bangle Open Cuff

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Unbelievable Pain Relief Secret You Should Know Before Choosing A Rheumatologist!



This timeless item of the new design copper bangle will liven up your daily routine. enhanced to fit your everyday persona with a dazzling reddish hue. The texture's twist represents sophistication and grace. Get it now to jumpstart your weight loss programme and encourage long-term wellbeing through good health.

You may be looking for a solution to these annoying health issues! 

  • Overweight and struggling to lose weight.
  • recurrent discomfort or swelling in your shoulders, wrists, knees, or arms.
  • suffering sometimes from tennis elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, repetitive strain
  • injuries, tendonitis, and arthritis (inflamed joints).
  • Diabetes-related poor circulation. 
  • Always in stressed mood, weariness, inability to sleep at night (Insomnia), and
  • bothersome migraine.



For many years, people have utilised magnetic therapy to help with pain relief, inflammation reduction, weight loss, and blood circulation enhancement. It is also well-known for lowering anxiety and tension, promoting better sleep, and elevating mood and general equilibrium. 




  • made by hand from pure copper. It is well known that pure copper is incredibly light. You can wear it to the office or at home for everyday wear with the utmost comfort. 
  • a visually appealing appearance. It is elegant with elements of the classics and the modern. Your appearance is distinctive and goes well with your regular outfit thanks to the reddish-brown colour and twisted texture.
  • Strong Six magnets with increased strength. Each of the stronger magnets guarantees a more effective and amplified magnetic therapy impact. You should receive superior quality for every dollar you spend!
  • sophisticated and fashionable. Our trend-aware designers have created a superior copper bracelet that combines quality and flair. Your everyday outfit accessories can add flair and style to your appearance. Adults with sense in fashion, young or old, will find it a fantastic fit.
  • A unique present for exceptional events. This bangle can be the ideal choice if you're looking for a lovely present for a Valentine's Day, birthday, Christmas, or wedding anniversary. It's the best purchase you'll ever make because of its high perceived value!




  • aids with weight loss.
  • enhances the flow of blood.
  • Cut down on headache and illness occurrences.
  • Ageing is slowed down and your immune system is strengthened.
  • raises and preserves body temperature.
  • improves your brain clarity and overall well-being.
  • eases stress and enhances energy and concentration.
  • reduces discomfort and enhances sleep quality.
  • Boost the rate at which body cells metabolise.
  • lowers water retention, manages edoema, and gets rid of dangerous toxins to help you sleep better.
  • reduces tension, stiffness, cramping, and other discomfort in the body.
  • improves blood circulation, which reduces discomfort in the muscles and joints.
  • lessens tension and weariness, which improves one's capacity to work at their best.

Who Should Use:

  • if you must spend a lot of time using a computer or smartphone.
  • if you must maintain prolonged concentration on your work.
  • in case your line of work necessitates prolonged standing.
  • Should you be someone whose hands and feet are perpetually cold.
  • If you have issues like tight shoulders, headaches, or strained nerves.
  • if you have a low immune system and get colds easily.
  • If you want to de-stress and get your energy back because you lead a demanding life.
  • if you frequently go without sleep and lead an erratic lifestyle.




What advantages does copper offer? Micronutrients such as copper are essential to the health of the human body and have a significant impact on the formation and operation of the blood, immune system, brain, liver, and other internal organs, as well as the hair, skin, and bone tissue. Copper is thought to be a healthful ingredient and was used to purify water in ancient Egypt.

What Is Magnetic Counselling? Fundamentally, magnetic therapy is predicated on the idea that, when in close proximity to the body's magnetic fields, it can promote healing for a variety of medical conditions. Although magnetic therapy claims to be able to treat inflammation, arthritis, and sleeplessness, there isn't much scientific proof to support these claims. 

How do magnetic wristbands operate? Enhancing your blood circulation in the arteries surrounding your wrist is the first of magnetic wristbands' many health benefits. Because of the iron in your blood, the magnets in the bracelet have the ability to draw more blood to the arm and wrist. The body's ability to heal from wounds and maintain health depends heavily on circulation.   

Does the bracelet's efficacy change depending on how big the pattern is? The neodymium in each bracelet has a pretty high magnetic field, thus even though the wristbands' sizes and forms vary, their efficiency doesn't. (The magnetic field measurement unit is the Gauss.)


  • 44g in weight
  • Unisex gender



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