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Baby Anti-Roll Wedge Pillow

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  • Memory foam pillows for orthopaedic use
  • Large wedge provides excellent back support.
  • A little wedge keeps the infant from rolling.
  • incredibly soft cloth suitable for babies
  • Adaptable design indefinitely
  • Excellent for infants ages 0 to 12 months

Scientific design promotes greater sleep for infants

You won't have to worry about your baby rolling over as they sleep or waking up in the middle of the night to make sure they are maintaining proper posture. With the help of the Baby Anti-Roll Wedge Pillow, your child can sleep at the perfect 45° angle, which has numerous other advantages in addition to ensuring a restful night's sleep.

  • stops the "flat head" phenomenon
  • Good sleeping posture enhances digestion.
  • teaches your kid to sleep by themselves
  • eliminates separation anxiety
  • improves the standard of slumber
  • Avoids temper tantrums at night

"Having gas and reflux, my infant found that lying on his side improved his quality of sleep. Able to sleep on both sides equally just switching between them. The velcro is adjustable, so you may widen it if your baby decides to turn over or sleep on his back. It's also quite soft to the touch. The shipping was done quickly!"
- Jennifer

created with developing infants in mind

The Baby Anti-Roll Wedge Pillow is made to meet the demands of your developing child. With its snag-free velcro patches, which were developed in consultation with paediatricians, you can effortlessly rearrange the cushions to suit your baby's comfort level.

  • Waterproof and effortlessly hygienic
  • Pillow covers that are washable and reusable
  • Most cribs and baby mattresses fit this.
  • Fabric that breathes stays cool
  • cloth overlay with antibacterial properties
  • Suggested by physicians

"This has been such a benefit that I'm no longer concerned about my four-month-old rolling over in his sleep because, without it, he prefers to sleep on his stomach. incredibly simple to use and secure for him"
- From Antonio Cook