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Blood Pressure Monitor LCD Display Adjustable Wrist Cuff

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Blood pressure monitor on the wrist

With blood pressure monitoring, stay well and enjoy every day. Why is our machine special? The primary characteristics are as follows:

  • precise readings based on the most recent three records' average value
  • Short measurement—less than 45 seconds—for a more comfortable experience
  • Voice broadcast during the entire procedure allows elderly people with low vision to easily use
  • Time and date are useful for monitoring your health and analysing patterns over an extended period of time.
  • Detector of irregular heartbeat
  • 99X2 Reading Memory in Dual-user Mode


Offering high-end goods is Ribbe Decor's primary focus. keep being healthy and living a straightforward, stylish life!

Before taking the measurement, settle down and take a few deep breaths.

The cuff stays in sync with your heart rate.

Do not measure within an hour of eating or drinking.

Single-button operation

To test your blood pressure and heart rate, simply push the "ON/OFF" button on the completely automatic digital blood pressure monitor. Every procedure just takes 30 seconds.

Voice Transmission

After measures, the blood pressure monitor will inform you of the results. Ideal for the elderly and those with low vision. If you are not using the voice function, you can disable it.

Heartbeat Indicator: Accurate and Irregular

The blood pressure monitor displays the average of the last three readings and is equipped with cutting-edge chips and dependable materials to guarantee an accurate measurement. Your blood pressure monitor will alert you if your heartbeat becomes erratic.

What numbers are typical?

  • Ideal blood pressure is DIA < 80 and SYS < 120.
  • SYS < 130 & DIA < 85 Typical blood pressure.
  • SYS < 140 & DIA < 90 elevated standard value.
  • SYS < 160 and DIA < 100 indicate mild hypertension.
  • SYS > 180 & DIA < 110 mild hypertension.
  • SYS > 180 or DIA > 110 indicates severe hypertension.

Two User Mode

Dual-user mode, according to this blood pressure machine, would make home use more convenient. You may track and compare the records at any time and from any location thanks to 99X2 groups of storage that preserve date and time.

Big Cuff that can be adjusted

The wide range adjustable wrist cuff fits most adult arms with circumferences between 5.3 and 7.68 IN (13.5 – 19.5 cm). Wearing the cuff and initiating the measurement process on your own is simple.

How to use: