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Chainsaw Sharpener Jig

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"I've always hated having to sharpen my chainsaws. This gadget has turned the duty into a fun maintenance task! I'm so happy I discovered the Chainsaw Sharpener Jig!"
Karen J., contented client

You can increase productivity and save time by sharpening your chainsaw quickly and effectively.

Does your chainsaw seem to be cutting less efficiently than it used to? Is cutting through the wood getting harder and harder? The blades might need to be sharpened. You can easily sharpen your blades with the Chainsaw Sharpener Jig without taking them out of the saw.

For chainsaw owners, whether you are a novice or a seasoned veteran, this is an excellent jig. This jig will help you sharpen your chainsaws quickly.

The Chainsaw Sharpener Jig is constructed from premium steel and aluminium. Because of this, it is robust and sharp, making it ideal for rapidly honing your chainsaws.

With the unique pawl stop design of the Chainsaw Sharpener Jig, you can exactly position the chain on the next serration. This enables you to swiftly and precisely sharpen your chainsaw, allowing you to return to work more quickly.

It is simple to use and fits onto the majority of rotary tools. Additionally, it has a construction guide that indicates the ideal angle for honing your blades for best results. Furthermore, you won't have to worry about getting hurt when sharpening your blades because it is safe to use.

So why hold off any longer? Acquire the Chainsaw Sharpening Jig promptly and begin honing your chainsaw skills like an expert!



My spouse works and plays with chainsaws. This completed the task and was simple to use. Anyone who owns a chainsaw should definitely get this product.
Sammy H., contented client

With Our Tool, You Can Sharpen Your Chain Saw Fast and Easily in a Few Easy Steps!

Faster & Easier: With this sharpener, you may effortlessly and swiftly sharpen all of your teeth. It is robust and sharp since it is composed of premium steel and aluminium. You can soon become sharper with this and return to work. Chainsaw sharpening done the old-fashioned method is neither particularly efficient nor effective. You can sharpen your chainsaws fast and efficiently with the Chainsaw Sharpener Jig, which will increase productivity and save you time.

Simple To Use: Just as simple to use as a sharpening pencil! To use the burr, just slide it into the guide, spin the handle, set the pawl on the teeth, and clamp over the rod. It just takes a pull of the chain to get your teeth grinding on every time.

Unique Pawl Stop: With excellent results and high sharpening precision, the unique pawl stop design enables exact positioning of the subsequent serration with just a simple pull of the chain.

Sharpen Anytime, Anywhere: You can easily carry the Chainsaw Sharpener Jig in your hand or luggage. For those that need to sharpen their chainsaws on the go, this is a wonderful sharpener.




  • Quick and simple to use—ideal for both inexperienced users and seasoned pros Recover valuable time that would have been lost to inefficient sharpening techniques.
  • In just a few seconds, sharpen each tooth for exact, flawless results.
  • Chainsaw Sharpener Jig: Durable and sharp construction for rapid, accurate sharpening
  • Precise positioning with a unique pawl stop mechanism
  • Boost productivity and save time Quick, simple, and precise chainsaw sharpening



It's simple to install a chainsaw sharpener on your rotary tool. The ideal sharpening angle is also provided via the built-in guidance. It sharpens chain saw blades that are dull and cut slowly with ease.

The following are indications of dull chain saw blades:

  1. The saw chain does not draw itself into the wood. The engine unit must be compressed in order to make it cut.
  2. The saw chain produces fine sawdust rather than coarse strands when performing a split cut or cross cut (creating a vertical cut).
  3. Despite having the right chain tension and proper chain lube, smoke still appears.
  4. The chainsaw only cuts in one direction, creating uneven edges. This indicates that the cutting teeth lengths are unequal or that there are dull teeth on one side of the chain.
  5. While cutting, the chainsaw "rattles" and "bounces." Accurate placement is hard to do.




  • Material: Aluminum alloy
  • Color: As shown in these photos
  • Size: 16*13*7.8cm
  • Weight: 420g

Package Includes:

  • One chainsaw sharpening tool (X-1)
  • Triple Grinding Stones.



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