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Clearance Sale Now On | Save up To 60%

DIY Scratch Magic Eraser

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  • Bid Adieu to Exorbitant Auto Body Charges To save money and time, fix dings and touch up the paint on your own automobile.
  • Obtain Expert Outcomes in Just a Few Minutes - You'll be astounded at how simple it is to use and the outcomes you can get in just a few quick actions.
  • Maintain the New-Car Look in Your Vehicle Remove minor dings and scratches to give your car a fresh, enhanced appearance.
  • Fits Cars of Any Colour and Type - No matter the colour or style of the automobile, truck, or SUV, we can repair scratches on it!



Are you sick and weary of spending hundreds of dollars to get minor dings and dents fixed on your vehicle? Have you attempted to use cheap scratch repair kits with unsatisfactory outcomes? Your troubles now have an answer!

Presenting the DIY Scratch Magic Eraser: the best auto scratch remover pen that can be used in a few simple steps to achieve professional-quality results. This pen is non-toxic, easy to use, and won't damage the finish on your car. Say goodbye to harmful and poisonous products.

You can easily get the desired finish for your automobile with the Scratch Magic Eraser, so bid adieu to those time-consuming and expensive excursions to the auto body shop!

Use these 5 simple steps to easily get rid of those bothersome scratches.

  1. Choose a shaded place: For optimal results, use your scratch rubber in a cool, shaded environment.
  2. Prime the applicator by tapping the pen's tip several times on a different surface until it becomes completely saturated. This could require 40–50 pushes.
  3. Apply the concealer: Using the pen, dab the affected area with the scratch concealer.
  4. Excess concealer should be wiped off as soon as possible using a dry paper towel because it dries quickly.
  5. Allow it to cure: Park your automobile in the sun for one to fourty-eight hours, or until the concealer is fully dry and cured.



Use this safe and nearly undetectable Clear Coat Scratch Repair Filler & Sealer on any car, regardless of paint colour!