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Light Socket Lightbulb Camera - Top-Rated Lightbulb Security Camera

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Why Homeowners Are Using This Alternative Instead of Their Outdated Doorbell Cams... "The Security Benefits Are Insane"

Discover why this brand-new security camera is rapidly becoming popular and selling out everywhere.

There were only three large companies in the home security business over the past few years, and they were free to set any prices they pleased and continue to defraud customers.

An innovative upstart is completely upending the $42 billion home security market.

Even the largest tech gurus agree that Light Socket has worked out a way to give a significantly superior product for a fraction of the cost.

These days, having a reliable home security camera is crucial due to the rising incidence of break-ins, parcel thefts, inquisitive neighbours, and vandalism. For that reason, the most popular security camera right now is this new Light Socket model.

What is it?

Behold the Security Camera in the Light Socket.

To build their most recent model, the company behind the Light Socket Security Camera gathered industry specialists.

This doorbell camera records in much higher resolution, sees 360 degrees, has motion tracking, two-way audio, loud alarms to frighten away intruders, night vision, bright lights, and is controlled by an iOS or Android app. In contrast to traditional doorbell cameras, which are fixed and unmoving.

The idea was to create a security camera system that would be affordable and require little upkeep for any type of home or place of business. They were successful; the camera's unique design, which allowed it to fit into any normal light bulb socket, astounded the whole industry.

What can it really do, then? All the features of any other security camera, such as high definition recording, motion detection, camera-to-phone communication, and more...

However, the fact that this lightbulb security camera is incredibly portable and runs without the need for wires or batteries is what sets it apart.

You will save a tonne of money this year because there are no installation, maintenance, or monthly cloud storage expenses.

The next generation of security cameras for homes is this one.

What Is So Unique About It?

The Light Bulb Security Camera is unlike any other since it can track objects in 360° using sophisticated motion tracking!

This camera can roam around, unlike your doorbell camera, which is stationary and only has one direction of vision.

Furthermore, there is no need for batteries, in contrast to doorbell, peephole, and other types of cameras. It simply plugs into the socket of a regular lightbulb, connects to your WiFi, and lets you film in 360° in real time while monitoring every corner of your house.

How it Operates?

The Lightbulb Cam's makers designed a stylish design that fits into any lightbulb socket in the house and leaves plenty of space for the camera to roam around discreetly.

It's quite simple to assemble. Just:

  • Take the Lightbulb Camera apart.
  • Install the app
  • To link the camera to the app, scan the QR code on the camera.
  • Establish a WiFi connection.
  • Next, insert the camera into the desired location for monitoring! And that's it!

What Specifically Is Capable of This Light Socket Security Camera?

More than you may believe.

  • You can connect to any device—iOS and Android devices are compatible.
  • Rotate 360°: To watch what's happening in every direction, turn the camera on your phone.
  • Exceptionally Clear 1080P Resolution: Observe events at your residence with the best possible clarity.
  • Talk to Anyone From Your Phone Using 2-Way Audio - This smart lightbulb camera has an inbuilt microphone and speaker, so you can converse with the person on the screen and hear them respond with the Two Way Audio feature.
  • Turn On A Loud alert To Scare Away Animals or Intruders: You can scare away any unwelcome guests by pressing a button that will sound a loud alert.
  • See What's Happening in the Dark with Night Vision - This camera has night vision built right in, so you can still see what's going on at night.
  • Super brilliant LED Light: Despite being a camera, this device functions as a light source and can illuminate any dark area with the help of its extremely brilliant LED lights.
  • Your Own Customised Motion Tracking Watches Not using your phone to watch? You won't miss a thing because this camera has motion tracking built right in.
  • This camera doesn't require any wires or batteries because it runs on the power found in light sockets, giving it endless energy and a life of its own.
  • Unlike built-in doorbell cameras, this is incredibly portable and can be carried anywhere. Excellent for vacationing and booking Air BnBs.
  • Fears Disappear Evildoers The second the enemy sees this camera pointing down at them, they will turn and flee.

and it's not just that!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does it need to be installed?
No, it is really easy to use and functions right out of the box. In less than three minutes, you can have it recorded on your phone.

Does buying my own battery make sense?
You won't need to buy or recharge batteries to keep your security camera online because the lightbulb security camera doesn't require them.

Will it fit in any socket for a lightbulb?
Yes, without a doubt. The majority of US standard light sockets can accommodate this camera.

Is it possible for me to view the camera on my computer?
Yes, without a doubt. To view the camera on your PC or laptop and all of its settings, simply download the app from the Google Play Store. compatible with Mac as well.