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Pelvic Floor Muscle Stimulator Kegel Exerciser Vaginal Trainer

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  • IMPROVED SELF-CONFIDENCE Enjoy better sex life and feel assured knowing that your pelvic floor muscles are in good shape. The Pelvic Floor Stimulator is a useful tool for improving muscle tone, suppleness, and vitality while strengthening these key muscles.
  • IMPROVE YOUR SEXUAL PLEASURE One of the best methods for improving female sexual response and elevating its intensity, frequency, duration, and overall satisfaction with a female orgasm is the Pelvic Floor Stimulator.
  • IDEAL FOR GIRLS OF ALL AGE Vaginal muscle relaxation, inflammation, and discomfort are common side effects of ageing and delivery. Women of all ages can use the Pelvic Floor Stimulator to strengthen their vaginal muscle walls, regardless of whether they are giving birth, experiencing hormonal changes, or have poor muscle tone.
  • RECOVER BLADDER MANAGEMENT The cause of sudden pee leakage during physical activity, laughter, coughing, or sneezing is a weak or strained pelvic floor muscle. Your body will be able to restore control over your bladder by strengthening the pelvic floor muscles that surround the urethra and anus with the help of the Pelvic Floor Stimulator.



Is it feasible to use a machine to activate a muscle?

Is this kind of treatment painful, and how does it work? Is electrical stimulation safe and is it preferable to exercise? In addition to providing answers to these queries, this piece explains how to maximise the advantages of this kind of therapy.

It's vital to comprehend how electrical stimulation units operate before considering using one to engage your pelvic floor muscles.

Let's examine a task like picking up a toddler. Your muscles must cooperate in order for you to carry out any movement.

Your brain initiates the process by delivering electrical signals via nerve fibres to certain muscles. The body's electrical wires are these nerve fibres.

When the nerve reaches its terminal point and comes into contact with the muscle fibres, this tiny quantity of electricity will trigger it to produce a chemical. This molecule causes the muscle fibres to shorten and contract, enabling us to perform the desired movement.



What is the mechanism of electrical stimulation?

Thousands of nerve endings connect the deep layers of a fit, healthy muscle, and as these nerves fire repeatedly, you can observe how the muscle responds to your commands by tightening and relaxing. A muscle with strong tone and development is one that is frequently used. Any muscle that is not used frequently will eventually lose its tone and get "flatter and thinner."

The muscles of the pelvic floor might weaken for a variety of causes. They become "flatter and thinner" and less bulky when they are not used. Stimulation can help because our brains find it difficult to engage muscles that haven't been exercised in a long time.

When put in close proximity to a muscle, electrode sensors generate an electric current. The nerve fibres governing that area of the muscle are then stimulated to contract by this current. So a muscle can be made to contract artificially by electrical stimulation. But it's only a superficial, localised contraction of a small number of muscle fibres. Stimulation can be particularly helpful if you have weak pelvic floor muscles or find it difficult to learn how to tense your muscles correctly.



Is electrical stimulation superior than physical activity?

We are aware that the pelvic floor muscles are not autonomous. They engage with a few of your body's "core" muscles.

  • Your transversus abdominis, a muscle in your deep lower abdomen
  • muscle in the deep back (multifidus)
  • The diaphragm, or "breathing band of muscle,"
  • Is electrical stimulation superior than physical activity?

You may develop your Pelvic Floor throughout all muscle groups by electrically stimulating each of these core muscles.

Package Includes:

  • 1 * pelvic rehabilitation instrument
  • 1 * vaginal probe
  • 1 * single wire
  • 1 * portable bag



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