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Clearance Sale Now On | Save up To 60%

Side Sleeper Pillow With Ear Hole

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Hello everyone. For what reason do you all retire to bed?

Yes, to ensure adequate rest. What happens, though, if you wake up feeling off? What if your head and back hurt?

Yes, we are aware that you experience it frequently. It's time to introduce this side sleeper pillow into your life so you may sleep soundly and rejuvenatingly each and every night. The cushion is made specifically to support your neck, maintain a straight back, and ease pressure on your head and ears.

Get a good night's sleep with this master pillow to win the morning.



What you will receive:

  • Gives you the support you need: Although it is quite flat and soft, this A-shaped pillow gives you the support you need. It's neither too soft that your body has no support at all, nor is it too hard that your body remains elevated. You can put the longer half behind your back if you sleep on your side. You can also sleep in the opposite direction if you are a regular sleeper who needs support for cuddling.
  • lessens the strain on the ears: The head and ears are compressed when one sleeps with firm pillows. Your ear will fit into a designated hole in the design of this pillow. This will guarantee that when you wake up, your face and head feel light.
  • Improves sleep quality: Using this side sleeper pillow with an earhole on a daily basis will help you sleep better by better aligning your body and increasing blood flow. You can use this soft cushion even if you don't sleep on your side.
  • Simple to clean: The pillow has a cover that is easily removable for cleaning. Easily fits into suitcases as well.