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Smart Snore Stopper

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Why this natural alternative is being used by thousands of people

❌ No tubes ❌ No strips ✅ Just Go to Bed

A snoring partner? It happens a lot.

In addition to being an annoyance, it can also cause symptoms that linger all day, like headaches, mood swings, and frequent daytime sleepiness.

Nevertheless, the conventional snore alternatives are being replaced by a new one that doesn't require a mouth guard, strap, or strip.

The name of this portable at-home device is Smart Snore Stopper; it discreetly stops snoring in a matter of seconds after listening for it all night.



What is it, and how is it unique?

The Snore Stopper is different in that it quietly corrects snoring without creating any discomfort or disturbance during the night, regardless of sleeping position.

Using EMS technology, the device discreetly stimulates and contracts the flaccid muscles around the throat as soon as you start snoring. In a matter of seconds, you resume normal, silent breathing.

It works regardless of your sleeping position and is both safe and effective! Our readers have been raving about this since it was just released.



Is it cosy? Is it secure?

The hybrid EMS and Bluetooth technology used by Snore Stopper is secure and efficient.

The gadget will adapt to you, regardless of whether you breathe through your mouth or nose or sleep on your side. Adhesive pads are also included to guarantee a stable placement throughout the entire evening.


Important: To ensure that the adhesives stick, wipe your chin clean and dry before using.

Wait a minute after washing to ensure the area is completely dry before applying the pads! Vibrations will feel uncomfortable otherwise.

  1. After assembling the gadget and adhesive pad, remove the protective film.
  2. Press the button on the side of the Snore Stopper unit to turn it on, then slide it under your chin to where it feels most comfortable.
  3. Go to sleep as usual, and when the snoring is detected, let the device adjust your snoring discreetly! Every night, the gadget picks up your habits and becomes more intelligent. The more you wear it, the better it gets.
  4. Just turn off the device and check the app to see how well you slept when you wake up!



What Sets Our Solution Apart from the Rest

Discrete and Effective:
The majority of remedies just don't address the underlying cause of snoring. This lets you sleep in any position while still opening up your airways.

The majority of solutions are inconvenient. This is worn beneath the chin and stays in place even for side sleepers.



Sleep Monitoring Features
Not only will you see progress towards better sleep and less snoring during the night, but you will also be able to feel the difference.

Portability And Silence
This is ideal for your partner next to you because it doesn't produce any noise.


Utilise the Sleeplus app from Google Play or the App Store.

Every gadget comes with an app that tracks how each night goes and encourages you to keep using it. You'll be able to observe the gradual improvement as you start to feel better and snore less.



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