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Free Express Shipping | Today Only
Free Express Shipping | Today Only

Give your little one a safe fun place while they learn and explore

This Baby Playpen is adjustable. You can use all 14 panels or less, it’s up to you, this feature along with the ability to shape it be it square, rectangle, hexagon or octagon gives you full control to create any size play space for your child that will fit anywhere in your house, in middle of a room or in a corner.

Ships from the US within 5 - 10 business Days

30-day refund

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Sturdy, flexible and fun!

  • SAFETY LOCK: Play yard comes with a secure locking gate. 
  • ADJUSTABLE AREA: You can use all 14 panels or less, it’s up to you,  shape it to be square, rectangle, hexagon or octagon. Gives you the flexibility to use it anywhere around the house.
  • GREAT WAY TO KEEP KIDS ENTERTAINED: The fun and colorful pieces on the panels and activity boards are educational and fun for the child to play and work with  explore.
  • VERY STURDY, STAYS IN PLACE: Works great with both carpet and hardwood floors. There are suction cups on each panel in case you place it on a hardwood floor.
  • SAFE HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS: Using odor-free high-quality plastic board, the edge of the panel is smooth 
  • WEIGHT AND DIMENSIONS: 81" x 54.3" x 23.2" (LWH). Weight: 26lb
baby playpen
baby play yard

This baby playpen has a roomy and customizable enclosed play area that gives your baby a safe place to play, always under your watchful eye! The self-contained units are made from high quality plastic. It is lightweight so it can be easily carried around the house and stored.

A baby playpen will not only make your life easier but will also give your baby some sense of independence at an early age. To use, simply set up your chosen playpen on a flat floor surface, fill it with toys, and watch them play while you do something else on your hefty to-do list (or maybe just have a coffee).

playpen activity board
safety lock, easy to install
play yard dimensions
locking gate, playpen


Where do you ship from and how long does delivery take?

This product ships out from our warehouse in the United States.

We use USPS (United States Postal Service), FedEx and DHL for deliveries inside the United States and abroad.

Processing time: 1-3 business days

Shipping time: 4-7 business days

Please allow 5-10 business days for your package to be delivered (this includes processing time)

Note: We currently only ship within the US.

We charge a low flat shipping rate of $13.83 for all our products. Note that all our products are heavier items.

What are the dimensions?

Item dimensions: 81" x 54.3" x 23.2" (LWH) 
Weight: 26lb

What is your Return Policy?

Assembled in a snap! comes with clear instructions and all tools required. 

What are the materials used?

SAFE HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS: Using odor-free high-quality plastic board, the edge of the panel is smooth 

What are your payment options?

Safe checkout with PayPal or Creditcard

How can we reach your customer support and how fast do you reply?

Email us We usually have a customer support agent available right away! if not, we get back to you within a few hours. 

How can I track my order?

We will email your tracking link when your package leaves our warehouse. You can also fill in your tracking number on our website and track your package there.